Why is My FaceTime Not Working and How to Fix It on a Mac

FaceTime is a special software developed by the Apple company for Macs and iOS devices to provide users with face-to-face video calling feature. It makes possible to perform video calls with anyone who has the same application. A Wi-Fi connection is a must! In the majority of cases, one never faces issues with the work of this software. However, the complaints like “Why can’t I call my friend?” still appear. Are you one of those guys having problems with connecting your MacBook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, or iOS device to FaceTime?

Before moving on and hurrying up to the conclusions, make sure your device IS on the list of those FaceTime is compatible with:

  • Apple computers with Mac OS X Snow Leopard v10.6.6 or higher;
  • iPod touch (fourth generation) or later;
  • iPhone 4 or up;
  • iPad 2 or later (including iPad mini).

What Does "FaceTime Unavailable" Mean?

One day, you may find your FaceTime telling it is no longer available. What the hell does it mean? A user may experience one of the problems listed below:

facetime not working
  • FaceTime and making calls via it, in particular, are not available in some countries and specific regions;
  • Call forwarding is no longer available;
  • FaceTime is unavailable or may not show up on the computers or phones bought in the following countries: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates.
  • In case a user attempts to change from a FaceTime call to a mobile device call/audio call, it may fail.

FaceTime Keeps Failing and Freezing All the Time!

So, your FaceTime is unavailable, and none of the reasons listed above characterize your situation. What’s the deal then? Explore several more reasons why the app may fail or freeze.

  • No adequate cellular or Internet connection/poor network coverage.
  • A person you’re trying to connect has problems with Internet connections.
  • Incorrect email address or phone number.
  • In case the application or device’s camera does not possess the permission to make calls or record videos. Check if this is the clue in the Settings menu. Scan the limitations on the target computer or phone to make sure that FaceTime and camera are not blocked.

How to Unfreeze FaceTime on iOS Device?

As far as FaceTime is compatible with both Apple computers and iOS devices, look at the possible solutions for each scenario. In case the app keeps crashing on your iPhone, you may take one of the following stages:

  • Find out whether the time zone is set up correctly. Tap on General in Settings. Tap on Date & Time there.
  • Switch to a different network. Move from using Wi-Fi network to the cellular one or vice versa.
  • Switch off the application and reboot the target iOS device.
  • Reboot the router and modem.
  • Make sure you are running the most recent iOS version. Do this: Settings --> General --> Software Update.
  • You should use the proper technique for calling the target user. In case of iPhone, use the phone number.

In case of continuous failures, go the official Apple Store nearby or just contact their support online.

Now, look at the things one may try if FaceTime is not ringing on Mac.

FaceTime Troubleshooting on Mac: Several Tricks to Try

Do you have any problems with settings? Are there any issues with incoming and outgoing calls? To start receiving phone calls on the Apple computer again, you should try taking the offered steps:

  • Attempt to switch off the app and then turn it on once more with the help of FaceTime --> Preferences.
  • Check whether the software is activated. Do it in Settings --> FaceTime.
  • Check whether the camera for FaceTime is not limited. You can do that in Restrictions under the General tab in Settings.
  • Pick Date & Time in the Settings menu under General. Discover whether the time and zone are mentioned properly.
  • You should use the proper technique for calling the target user. In case of Mac, apply the email address.
facetime issues

Part of these instructions works for iOS devices as well.

FaceTime Audio Not Working! How Should I Deal with It?

Imagine a situation when you can’t hear a sound from the FaceTime app when you actually should. It’s one thing if a speaker is damaged. Then, the professional service is required. In some less severe cases, the options listed below may help.

  • Check the sound settings. In case you discover a Ring/Silent switch, move it forward. You should hide the orange color. Just launch Settings and Do Not Disturb.
  • Make sure there is nothing wrong with the sound. Launch a software that has music/sound effects. Choose the volume level you prefer. This function is available in Control Center.
  • Plug in headphones to see whether it changes the situation for better.
  • Switch off Bluetooth to discover any positive changes.
  • Reboot the target device.

FaceTime Video Not Working: Possible Solutions

In case of the absent video in FaceTime, it is easy. Just repeat some of the steps described below. The first one is, of course, to check whether the camera is enabled for the FaceTime application. Both FaceTime and camera should be turned on in Settings –> General –> Restrictions. The next thing to do is to try replacing a Wi-Fi connection and the cellular network and vice versa. Mind that various firewalls, routers, and security tools may limit Internet access. After that, check the phone number/email address depending on the device you’re using. Watch the date and time settings as explained above.

The last two things to try in all cases of FaceTime failure are rebooting the target device and updating the current version of operating system.

FaceTime Sound Not Working: Last Resort

One more bonus trick for Mac owners exist. You should try it as a measure of last resort. Only after that, turn to the official Apple support or nearest store. Perhaps, changing Apple computer’s DNS settings to Google’s open DNS will solve the problem.

  • Pick System Preferences.
  • Select Network and Network Wi-Fi.
  • Go to the Advanced tab to find DNS there.
  • Push the plus button to come up with Google DNS. Type and
  • Choose OK and then Apply.

With this universal guide, you will quickly and easily solve any problems with FaceTime on Mac or iOS device!