What to Do When Spotify Keeps Pausing & Music Won’t Play on Mac?

Spotify is a digital music streaming service, which gives access to millions of songs of any and all genres. With Spotify, you can access your music via web player or app — on your Android phone, iOS device, or computer. Generally regarded as a very stable piece of software, Spotify is not entirely fault-proof. You may occasionally run into playback issues, unresponsiveness, slowdowns, or one of the internal error codes, which you can’t decipher right away. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most common Spotify issues and how to fix them, starting from the pausing error.

“Why does my current song randomly stop playing when using Spotify?”, a significant number of users have found themselves asking the dreaded question. The issue behind the unexpected playback stopping is a peculiarity of Spotify older versions. It is caused by simultaneous use of the same account on multiple devices. This frustrating issue is known to have been patched, yet if you find yourself stuck with unexpected pausing follow these steps:

  • Open your browser and go to spotify.com.
  • In the upper right corner click on Profile --> Account.
  • Choose Sign out everywhere.
  • Log back in.
sign out spotify

Why is Spotify So Slow and Keeps Freezing on Mac?

The Spotify app has also been reported to be running very slowly for some users. Regardless of whether you’re subscribed to Premium or prefer the free version, which plays on ads and shuffle only, the problem still seems to eventually creep its way down to your Mac. Typically, slowdowns tend to happen on the lower-specced computer after Spotify cache size becomes too big to handle. The application starts having trouble reading all of the cached data and eventually turns sluggish. Fortunately, fixing it isn’t really difficult. All you have to do is take the steps below to clear Spotify cache on your Mac:

empty cache spotify
  • Quit Spotify and open Finder.
  • Click on Go --> Go to Folder in the menu bar or use Shift-Command-G shortcut.
  • Follow this directory on your Mac ~/Library/Caches/com.spotify.client/
  • Select all files within the folder and move them to Trash.
  • Empty Trash.

Why is Spotify Not Working and Keeps Crashing on Mac?

“My Spotify app won’t let me play music. Why has it logged me out and doesn’t let me get back in?” — yet another question that is often asked among Spotify users. This issue is common among those who travel a lot and happen to use Spotify Free in unsupported countries. Issue description is usually followed up with something along the lines of “…Spotify wouldn’t log me in unless I paid”. No surprise here, as Spotify Free subscription only lets you use the streaming service for 2 weeks from an unsupported country before logging you out. You need to purchase Premium to continue enjoying your music and caching it for offline use. The same applies to using Spotify web player, which, reportedly, stopped working too for users dealing with the issue.

If subscribing is not an option and you need your daily portion of listening, then you can bypass country restriction by opting for a VPN service. Using VPN will enable you to disguise your actual geographical location and access Spotify. After logging in you can disable VPN and get back to normal listening for the next 2 weeks.

Issue: The Spotify Application is Not Responding When Opening on Mac

Working out, relaxing, partying — any of these won’t be the same without the right music or, worse, any music at all. That’s why when Spotify app freezes up and won’t budge, the frustration builds up the question of “Why, oh why I cannot play my favorite music right now?!”. It’s hard to tell why Spotify gets grumpy and unresponsive at times. Rebooting the application, however, usually does the job and puts things back on track. Simply hold Command-Option-Esc to force close the application or Right-click/Control-click Spotify icon in the dock and choose Quit. If the application still does not function as intended, then basic reinstall of the app should get it running smoothly again.

Issue: Spotify Won’t Download Songs for Offline Use on Mac

Another unfortunate inconvenience is when playlist can’t be downloaded for offline use. Even more so, when already downloaded music takes forever to load and, at times, not loading at all. This is may also result in Spotify web player not working. So why does this happen? There is a number of possible reasons — anything from slow Internet connection to cache problems. When it takes so long to load web pages or perform other Internet-related activities, then it’s the internet connection issue you’re up against. Try rebooting your Wi-Fi router or contact your ISP in case the connection does not improve. If the stable Internet hasn’t made Spotify more responsive and you still can’t comfortably access your music, then clear your cache or reinstall the application to get it fixed.

Issue: Spotify Won’t Connect and Doesn’t Switch to Online on Mac

Spotify says you’re offline when connected to Internet? It is another unpleasant problem that you may find yourself dealing with. This is caused by Spotify servers not working correctly or the app detected by firewall software that doesn’t allow it to connect. In the case of server issues, there is not much you can do to fix it yourself. What you can do, however, is follow Spotify Status Twitter where you will be updated on the current server status.
spotify status twitter

If you still can’t connect to Spotify, even though the servers are online, consider checking your firewall as it may be the reason your connection was lost. Here is what you have to do if you’re using Mac’s built-in Firewall.

  • Go to System Preferences --> Security & Privacy --> Firewall.
  • Hit the Lock icon and enter your password.
  • Click on Firewall Options and find Spotify.app on the list.
  • Make sure it is set to Allow incoming connections.

Spotify Error Code 3: Username or Password Login Problems on Mac

Error codes are Spotify’s way of categorizing issues and labeling failed processes. Common problems experienced by the users include but are not limited to error codes 2, 4, 6, 7, 13, 17 and 3. Some of these codes are easier to decipher than others. Error codes 101 through 126, for example, relate to connection problems and are usually displayed when your app is stuck offline. As for the codes you are unable to interpret, simply knowing the code already makes troubleshooting that much easier. Don’t forget to include them when contacting Spotify Support.

error code spotify

Error code 3 appears when you can’t sign in due to incorrect username or password. Generally, this applies to both the desktop app and web player, and there are several possible fixes you can try yourself.

  • If you log in with Facebook, then try logging in with email instead.
  • If you log in with email, then try logging in with username instead.
  • Request password reset.
  • If the password reset not working, then find and use the old password reset email in your inbox.
  • Reinstall Spotify app.

Spotify Free users can also fix the problem with one of the following methods:

  • Turn off VPN.
  • Check email inbox for Spotify alerts as Spotify can force reset the password when they think your account is compromised.
  • Subscribe to Premium.

In conclusion, despite the issues covered in this article, Spotify application is a reliable piece of software. When you run into a problem or encounter an error code, follow the tips laid out above to get the app to mint condition again.